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Planning Prom Night – Post Prom Ideas

April 21st, 2022

Planning for the prom is a process that starts months before the actual event. Dresses and tuxedos need to be found, purchased, or rented, the perfect prom limo service needs to be retained, and the evening needs to be planned down to the last minute. For many, prom night doesn’t end when the dance is over. There are post-prom parties and gatherings to attend. You don’t have to follow the crowd or stick to the norm, though. Here are some fun ideas for your post prom celebrations.

Head to the Local Diner

There’s nothing more refreshing after a late night of dancing and partying than some hot breakfast food. Head to your local diner and grab a plateful of favorites – pancakes, eggs, waffles, omelets, and more. If you’ll be partying with a large group, give the diner a courtesy call earlier in the day to let them know that a large crowd will be coming in. They’ll appreciate the heads-up and may be better able to save you enough seats in the same area of the diner.

Go Skating

Pack a change of clothes in a bag you can leave in the limo and plan for an evening of roller skating or ice skating, depending on what type of rink you have in your vicinity. You could, of course, opt to skate in your formal attire. Most skating rinks have posted closing hours but if you plan in advance you may find a rink willing to stay open for a large post-prom crowd.

Plan a Safe Sleepover

Ask your parents to help you plan a safe party and sleepover environment. After-prom parties can be a ton of fun but everyone will at some point get tired. Rather than having over-tired teens try to drive (and get into accidents with other less-responsible parties), find a party host with enough space to allow for sleeping bags to be laid out if necessary. All night parties can be a ton of fun and you can all make your own breakfast buffet in the morning. If a sleepover isn’t an option, ask some of the parents to volunteer to act as safe drivers the night of the prom. We guarantee this is one instance in which they won’t complain about having to drive you around.

Hire a Comedian or Hypnotist

Want to do something completely different? Find a ballroom, living room, or basement to accommodate you and your friends and then hire a comedian or hypnotist to entertain you at your post-prom party. The jokes and activities will add tons of incredible memories to your post-prom scrap book.

Head to the Beach

You may not be able to head to the beach in the middle of the night and party without supervision, but if you involve your local PTA, school board, or some other community group you may get permission to have a post prom party right on the beach. Throw up some twinkling lights, lay out some food, grab a volleyball net or two, and have a ton of fun.